In the early ’50s, the founders, Freddi Mino and Morini Rina, began producing wallets and small leather items and selling in the local and tourist markets, focusing on the production of belts for both men and woman.

In the ’70s, son-in-law Barbieri Dante and the daughter of Mino and Rina, Mara joined the company: so the new corporate name became “Freddi & Barbieri.”

The quality breakthrough began in the ’80s, with the increasing attention to careful craftsmanship, grown in variety and complexity. The focus is on customizing lines for various clients. On 12 October 1982 the Chamber of Commerce of Parma recognizes us the important title of “Artistic Handcraft in Leather Belts”

In the 90’s, the client base includes such prestigious names thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and the attention to detail; known fashion designers today as then are important loyal presence for the Company.

In 2004, after years of simultaneously working with the company alongside her university studies, the daughter, Dr. Barbieri Ilaria, joined the company. With the third generation of leather craftsmen, the production of women’s belts is revitalized with an even more careful selection of materials and attention to fashion trends.

In 2005,  Ecipar Emilia Romagna certifies Freddie & Barbieri as excellent company at the regional level.

We were recognized for excellence in three areas:

  • constant capacity for innovation and research;
  • staff motivation, involvement and development;
  • the capacity of careful analysis of the market and the Client’s demands.

These three areas are still pursued as precise business objectives.

Today, the artisan culture matured in the family, together with the relentless attention to new technologies; lead us to streamline the production process. This allows us to take great care of our products and to persist in relentless research of the perfect belt, which satisfies both the needs of a sophisticated clientele and the respect for the environment and health.

  • Hypoallergenic materials and tanned leathers with reduced environmental impact,
  • The ethical choice not to use skins involving the killing of animals only for aesthetic purposes,
  • The use of raw materials exclusively Italian,

allow us to distinguish even more our products, and help us to grow trying to be the best every day, both for our clients and for the environment in which we live.