Our Products

We can carry out all types of products on client’s model and also for third parties. We are equipped with a machine for cutting the leather with CNC (Computer Numeric Control) and this ensures us the maximum accuracy, even in case of complex shapes.

We offer various customization types:

  • Complete customization of belts: study of the model and prototype
  • Punching of the belts with logo
  • Customizing buckles with laser or engraving the client’s logo
  • Technical support in the case a special buckle model is produced
  • Inserting details in fabrics matching Client’s garments: we make belts with the same fabric of clothing, for example for pants or ties, or can we study models that provide for the use of buckles, rings, studs or patterns already present in the rest of their collections
  • Use of the same leather of the footwear or of the luggage of the Client
  • Optimization of the quality-price ratio during the development of models
  • Possibility to work on behalf of third parties with raw materials provided by the client where appropriate for the production of belts.