We let the Leather tell us its story and we create our Belts so you can listen.

The high-quality full-grain leather that we use reveal each time a different story, because by observing and touching the surface we recognize in them the uniqueness that only nature can create: the typical collar wrinkles, scars, scratches given from open grassland, the compactness of the bulls’ skins, and the softness of those of the beef, sublimated by skilful tanning of unique vegetable aroma of natural tannins used for some of them, sometimes by deep or by bright colours, never the same and yet the unmistakable natural wrinkled grain after long days of dwelling in the drums, the smooth sheen of the finest leathers.


Before cutting, you have to identify the defects of the leather: it is checked inch by inch, touched and crumpled: it is when the senses and the leather craftsman attention are all focused to grasp the better, because it is in this instant that the experience will lead him to make the most of the quality and the look of the belt. It is a wise gesture that is renewed every time, and the attention with which it is done is the first secret of our quality.

We manufacture all our belts with great passion and with utmost care, and employ up to 40 process steps to give you the feeling of a unique product, pleasant to the touch, demonstrating the wearer and those who admire the taste of authentic “handmade”, the unmistakable naturalness of genuine leather, and its imperfect perfection.