Styling Office

The styling office is the beating heart of our company.

The collections are created, the result of stylistic research and material, which are combined with the quality and durability of the item.

We draw with the know-how gained over the years, combining it with the latest trends and needs of our clientele.

The passion for this job is sublimated in the research for harmony and in the study of the detail.

Before designing a belt, we look for the most suitable colour, touching dozens of leather to understand which will be the best to bring out the best workmanship, we think about the variants to understand which will be the most eye-catching.

We provide our resources and our style office to our clients who are looking for their ideal belt, we collaborate with them to develop the product that has the best quality-price ratio and we support them in the task, sometimes difficult, to coordinate the belts to their lines of other accessories. We do all this for them, with relentless passion and commitment, because we like to be their partners in time providing the best possible support.