We produce and live in Parma, the city of the food valley, known worldwide for its artistic and musical excellence of its territory, but also for the long and well established tradition of leather goods: there is in fact also typicality for the BELT OF PARMA, which is renowned as a refined belt with a soft and full touch.
Our style reflects the territory in which come to life our belts: elegant as the profile of our city, soft as the curves of our hills, simple but only in appearance, as our most delicious foods.


We persevere in the constant pursuit of perfection to do that, we feel that there is no need to go so far; we believe in the excellence of Made in Italy raw materials and we rely on selected suppliers close to us: we managed to organize a short supply chain, as shown by the map below.


In addition, all the manufacturing is carried out in our historic production plant on the threshold of the city: our belts are entirely made in Italy… not to say made in Parma!